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Sliding and Folding Doors: Sliding and Folding Doors
Posted by: on Saturday, June 14, 2014 - 04:25 AM
Rolling Shutters

Wooden folding doors installed by us at a residential apartment at Bandra as a room partition.

We offer custom-made doors to your required size. You can choose the individual door width and the number of doors hinged together to open from the center or o­nly o­n 1 side.

The door frames are made of aluminium or plywood. They can be fitted with glass or bakelite sheets or aluminium composite panels.

They require aluminium channels to be fitted o­n the ceiling and grouted in the floor throughout the length of the door for smooth, trouble free operation.

You can use these elegant sliding and folding doors to divide any room in a convenient and aesthetic manner. Separate your kitchen from your hall or create a partition in your living room or bedroom for as long as necessary and as per your convenience.

The door frame is made from 30mm thick block boards and can be filled with 5mm opaque glass. The frame can be curved or rectangular with an option of a decorative moulding between the glass and the frame. There are many options of glass available as well and possible designs / frosting / etching o­n the same.

When buying a sliding and folding door from us you are assured of the best possible workmanship and a good quality door. You have the added convenience of purchasing a finished product, custom-made to your requirements without the hassle of work going o­n at home for many days. The doors can be fitted in a single day.

PVC folding door - acrylic which occupies minimum room in the door frame o­nly. Easy installation.

These doors have an advantage over other doors since they are waterproof, termite proof, fire retardant, economical, no warping, maintenance free, easy to install & available in various shades without any hassle of painting or polishing.

They also occupy the least space o­n the side when opened - roughly 7 inches from the wall for every 3 feet. That's why they are the most popular solution for cost effective solutions to room partitions in Mumbai.

Most living rooms have an open passage-way without a door. When the hall is air conditioned, it makes sense to prevent loss of cold air in to the kitchen or passageway by installing a PVC folding door. The common size in these cases is of 7 feet high x 3 feet wide. 

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