Are you working in the farming and agricultural industry? If so, then you may have heard or encountered the problem on which baling product is the best for large round bales. Should you go for a bale net wrap or the more traditional baling twine? While we can always play it safe and assume that it’s a matter of personal preference, we know that some of you would wonder which truly has the advantage. Both baling products serve the same purpose – but they aren’t the same. They both have different modes of applications, as well as their fair share of their perks and drawbacks. We’ve already wasted a lot of your time, so we’re going to give you the answer: It’s the net wrap. Here’s why we think so:


Lighting-speed Baling

Net wraps offer faster and more efficient baling. In fact, you will only have to turn it twice, and it will wrap firmly onto your round bales. When you use a traditional twine, you’ll have to spend a considerable time wrapping as it will take 20 to 30 turns before you can feel confident that the hay is wrapped nicely. With a bale net wrap, the baling process will be quicker, enabling you to get more things done at a faster pace.


Finish On Time

Keep in mind that this advantage is going to be crucial, especially when you’re catching up with the weather. Not only will you have to wrap your bales perfectly, but you need to have them done on time. That way, they can be processed before the rainy season comes. Faster baling also means you get to save on fuel when you’re using the baling machine.


Reduced Spoilage

Net wrap is also known to offer lower spoilage rate. Since it completely covers your round bales, you won’t have to worry about potential spoilage. Your wrapped bales will be processed and turned into high-quality forage without much being put to waste. A bale net wrap will lock in the freshness of your bales to ensure lesser spoils after the storage process.


Reduced Outdoor Storage Losses

Finally, a net wrap will ensure reduced losses when storing your bales outside. Placing your round bales outside will expose it from all the harsh natural conditions, making it more prone to wastage and dry matter. Fortunately, by using a net wrap, you can negate all those effects and still produce high-quality animal feed.


It’s nothing against the traditional twine – we still think it’s a great option. But when it comes to performance and convenience, the bale net wrap has the edge. Order yours today. Click here to access our online agricultural store.