Angle grinders are handy tools that can grind metal and cut tiles, concrete and brick pavers. They can remove mortar, and can sand, polish and sharpen.



You’ll find Adelaide-Tools cordless angle grinder wherever you can purchase power tools. Larger manual grinders are available, but the more commonly used 4-inch and 4-1/2-inch grinders are the right sizes for most tasks.


What makes angle grinders so versatile is their ability to handle different wheels and accessories. Its angle grinder includes a spindle washer and spindle nut that you will install in various configurations to accommodate thicker or thinner wheels. You may also choose to remove it altogether when screwing wire wheels and cups onto the threaded spindle. Refer to the manual for instructions on mounting wheels and accessories.


  1.  Cutting Rebars, Iron Rods and Bolts

Mount a metal cutting wheel on your Adelaide-Tools wireless angle grinder. Raise the long side of the armour and hold it firmly. Release the cutting wheel through the metal, allowing the weight of the tool to do most of the work. Allow the short end to fall freely to avoid tying the blade.


  1.  Cutting Tile, Stone and Concrete

Mark the cut outline accurately on both the front and back of the tile. Hold the tile to your workbench and score the shape about 1/8 inch deep in the front with the diamond blade.


The notch and cutting of ceramic or stone tiles to fit around the exits and other obstructions are difficult if not impossible with standard tile cutters. But an angle grinder equipped with a dry-cut diamond wheel does a short job of these intricate cuts.


  1.  Cleaning Corroded Metals

Clean rust and cement and dirt from garden tools with a wire cup. Secure work with clamps or a visor. Make sure the brush is rotating away from, not on, the edge. Do be careful as the brush can catch on the edge and cause a kick towards you.


Wire wheels make an easy job of removing rust and flaking paint. There are many wheel angle, and brush grinder accessories that are designed for different types of disassembly, cleaning and deburring tasks. Wire cup brushes work best to disassemble paint or rust from broad, flat areas. Wire wheels fit into cracks and corners more easily. Wheel and brush accessories come in a wide variety of styles.


  1.  Sharpening Blades

Attach the blade to a workbench with hand clamps. Orient the grinder and adjust the blade guard to deflect sparks from the face and body. Align the grinding wheel with the angle of the blade. Turn on the grinder and move the grinding wheel continually through the blade using only light pressure.

With its grinding wheel, an Adelaide-Tools cordless angle grinder is an excellent tool for restoring edges on manual tools such as hoes, shovels and ice scrapers or for the initial grinding of axes, axes and blades of a lawnmower.