Espadrilles are simple, casual, flat leather shoes with a flexible, rubber sole. They generally have a cotton or canvas upper, a durable rubber sole, and some canvas or rubber soles. The basic style of Espadrilles is flat to the floor with no heeled or raised heels. The uppers differ widely in design; the traditional uppers tend to be narrow with square or oval soles. This version of Espadrilles is known by the name Espadrilles de la Grande Dame.

EspadrillesEspadrilles are made in many different styles, each one very unique. They can be made in soled, alligator skin, canvas, and even rubber. Their patterns include intricate floral prints, stripes, simple geometric designs, polka dots, classic stripes, and abstract patterns. The materials used to make Espadrilles also vary. Some Espadrilles made in plastic are called espadrilles congas which look like little stethoscopes.

The traditional fabric used to make Espadrilles was jute rope, a simple fabric tied around the ankle and pulled through the hems to keep the shoe on foot. However, in the past several decades, new fabric has entered the market, making Espadrilles a much more versatile shoe. Jute rope can now be hand-stitched, machine-sewn, or sewn by hand. Espadrilles made from this new fabric are known as jute sandals. The most common type of jute rope in the market is made from heavy brown cotton called khadi.

Lighter, softer fabrics such as the jute are becoming increasingly popular as espadrilles become more popular in the north. These fabrics can create everything from frilly little white espadrilles for the village girl or fine, warm Merino espadrilles for the summer tourist. The best thing about these fabrics is that they have the same characteristics as the jute rope, like strength and moisture resistance, but not as coarse.

To get wet, all you need is to take a dip in the pool. If you choose to go barefoot, remember to take a shower afterwards. With a pair of water shoes, you won’t get wet because your feet stay dry and your toes stay dry. You can also use a plastic waterproof sock to get wet during the day. If you’re using a mesh football, it won’t matter because the water will evaporate before getting your socks wet.

If you decide to wear Espadrilles in the winter, you can always go with good thermal material like cotton or wool insulating socks. These can keep your feet nice and warm, and the toe region can stay dry. However, it would be a good idea to have an extra pair of socks made from thicker, moisture-wicking canvas uppers so that you can always wear a pair of cotton socks underneath for those damp, sunny days.