In purchasing new tiles for your floor, the very first thing that you should consider is the quality. After all, you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money in buying tiles that won’t last in high foot traffic or something that weakens right away. It is always ideal to ask an expert’s recommendation when it comes to choosing floor tiles Adelaide.


The list below is some of the most crucial factors to consider. Browse over here to learn more.


1 – Resistance to Stain and Slips


As a homeowner, you certainly want the best for your flooring, you probably would like tiles with low water absorption rate and are stain resistance to guarantee that it continues to look fantastic while resisting moisture. That way, you won’t have to bother about persistent cleaning after even a few spills.


Tile endurance to stain also varies depending on the capacity of its moisture resistance. If you want to have better stain resistance and more extended service as well as easy to clean, those with low water absorption without the sealers are ideal.


Moreover, to prevent any accidents, especially if you are using it for high traffic areas with children, elderly, or persons with a disability, it’s best to look for slip-resistant tiles.


2 – Weight Support


It is best to consider the tile’s overall support and how much weight it can carry if you will be installing them on a high-traffic area or for commercial rooms. After all, you would not want it to get damaged after applying much pressure onto it when there is a need to transfer heavy materials or from frequent stepping.


Also, it is advisable to consider floor tiles Adelaide that have the high-point-load capacity and the bending strength to carry the weight that you put on it. Go for thick tiles, as the thicker the tile, the higher the load it can take. Such tiles are also ideal, especially for areas with heavy furniture or equipment.


3 – Place for Installation


In installing tiles, you must also consider as to how you will be using it. Make sure that the tiles you are going to use are resilient, water-resistant and are easy to clean if you plan on installing them on floors of the kitchen or bathroom. Of course, who wants to have a slippery floor when on the shower or wet kitchen floors while cooking.


4 – Design, Colour, and Size


The type of design and the patterns of your tiles are also essential to consider. Maybe you would want something that looks stunning with daring colours or patterns, or a neutral colour that complements to your room’s interior design.


Furthermore, you need to consider also the size of your tiles. The use of sizeable tiles can make the room seem bigger and more spacious, whereas smaller tiles can have the looks of being more intimate.