In the motor vehicle world, one of the most acclaimed and prestigious brands is the Land Rover. From successful business owners to Hollywood celebrities, many people own Land Rover cars.


Despite their popularity, Land Rover cars are not without their share of problems. The Land Rovers have been the subject of numerous recalls, complaints and investigations.



Here are some common problems of Land Rover that I have picked up from the Land Rover Service Adelaide close to me.


Air Suspension Problems


If you ask a mechanic to rate the Land Rovers based on their reliability, most of them will likely assign bad ratings to this make. Land Rovers do not score high in reliability.


A common problem shared by Land Rovers is related to air suspension. The purpose of the air suspension is to improve the driving of Land Rovers.


When customers buy their vehicles, they are impressed by the smooth ride of their Land Rover. However, after six years, the suspension of the Land Rover will begin to collapse. Consequently, customers end up spending thousands of dollars to retrofit their vehicles with traditional coils.


Oil Leaks and Electrical Issues


When you spend more than $ 60,000 on a vehicle, you do not expect to have to contend with oil leaks and electrical system problems. Luxury vehicles should not have these issues.


Typical system problems include head gasket and heater core failures. Before the vehicle reaches 60,000 miles, these problems start presenting themselves.


Sunroof Leaks


Apart from oil leaks, the sunroofs of Land Rovers tend to leak also. Sunroof leaks during a downpour from Land Rover vehicles are caused by pinched roof drains.


Parking Brake Malfunction


Customers also reported parking brake failures and screeching when engaging the parking brake. Over time, the Land Rover parking brake will get misaligned and need to be readjusted.


Steering Shaft Issues


Loud noises while turning the steering wheel, indicate the steering column of your vehicle may not be working properly. Customers typically notice these issues when running at low speeds.


Airbag Failure


Most consumers buy a luxury vehicle to improve their safety. In the Land Rover, customers have complained about the malfunction of the airbags. A misalignment of the airbag springs and steering columns may cause the wiring to break and consequently cause the airbag to deploy by mistake. Premature deployment could cause injury and death. There are reported cases of an airbag deployment, causing lacerations and finger amputations.


Even before you start experiencing these issues with your Land Rover vehicle, it would be smart to get acquainted with the Land Rover Service Adelaide close to me. I have been their customer for many, and all I can say are good things about their service. Their crew is fantastic and exemplifies excellent customer service. I have not had an issue that their skills and expertise could not handle. It is quite a pleasure to see these guys – it feels like family!