Wearing high heels is a staple for all women, but there is no denying the pain and suffering it causes. Regardless of how expensive and luxurious the pair of high heels, it will leave your feet in extreme pain after walking with it all the time.

But for the sake of fashion, a woman is ready to make that sacrifice. However, constant wearing of high heels all day every single day may impose severe problems to your feet. That’s why we highly recommend that you shift to Low Heel Shoes Australia, mainly when the situation permits it.

In this post, we will see the reasons why you should reconsider the commitment to wear nothing else but high heels.


  1. Constant wearing high heels could lead to long-term cosmetic issues.


Hammertoes are one of the most common issues that your feet may acquire while wearing high heels. Due to the pressure your toes experience when being pressed forward, it tends to deform the natural look of your feet. Also, you may acquire bunions or a swollen, bony bump that forms on the side of the big toe and ingrown nails. Not only that but if you already have them and continues to wear high heels, it can get worst.


  1. It could lead to severe injuries with lifelong effects.


Repeatedly wearing of high heels can significantly cause all sorts of painful problems like how overusing muscles can lead to injury. Straining your ankles and the rest of your other tendons surrounding the foot can relatively result in tendonitis. Many tensions get taken off the Achilles tendon, and it shortens over time because your foot is elevated, and the weight goes forward.

Because the tendons are already so tight from overuse of high heels their whole lives, many women find wearing flat shoes uncomfortable as their feet are stretched to its original length.

A stress fracture can also be due to the extra weight and pressure on the front of the foot. Not only that but also heels can cause pinched nerves, which is commonly called Morton’s neuroma. It significantly occurs on the ball of the foot, usually between the third and fourth toe. Likewise, you can also acquire heel spurs or calcium build-up on the bone, heel pain as well as arthritis.

You may need to see a doctor or specialist like a podiatrist if your feet happen to experience severe pain. Either an ankle twist or sprain is a real concern that you shouldn’t take for granted.

You must consider making the switch to Low Heel Shoes Australia today since it is for your good. If you do not want to see yourself getting injured and suffering from it for the rest of your life, then you will understand why you should sacrifice fashion and style at least once.

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