These gates are fabricated using 20 Gauge GI shutter slats of approximately 5.5 inches wide. They fold in a V pattern which is visible even when closed. It comprises of a scissor design collapsible gate (as used extensively in elevators / lifts) to open and close with the shutter curtain fixed o­n 1 side.

These are ideally used for shops with an opening o­nly up to 12 feet high, since they are operated by a push or pull motion from the side. They can be fabricated to larger heights as well however the larger sizes do not work smoothly since the pressure applied to push or pull these open should be around the middle of the shutter patti failing which the slats will tilt while moving.

They can be perforated to allow for ventilation, however like all perforated metals this affects the strength of the shutter adversely.

They are preferred for the added security value as compared to a regular rolling shutter, as well as for the aesthetic appeal. In the case of curved store fronts they are the o­nly feasible solution.

The lead time to delivery is more than your regular rolling shutter, and the slat is not available with all shutter manufacturers since it requires a wider roller setting in the machine; changing the shutter roll forming setting is a time consuming process and extremely hard work so the order quantity would have to be at least 5 tons to make it worthwhile. The GI coil is available in a width of 168mm compared to 110mm required for rolling shutter slats.
The thinner rail visible is used to connect the slats at the edges.

This is a heavy duty top rail and runner used for collapsible gates without curvature. The rail is approximately 2 x 2.5 inch and made in GI. The bottom guide rail is fitted in a groove made in the ground so that it does not obstruct free movement. Naturally, there is civil work required to be done wherever these type of gates are fitted. The karya or mason is usually left in the scope of the customer.