If your teeth are misaligned, you have no choice but to look for a favourable procedure to correct them. The most common and effective way to straighten teeth is to use dental braces. Dental braces help your teeth regain strength, but it can take a while. You will get satisfactory results after wearing braces fitted by orthodontics Adelaide near me.


Orthodontics Adelaide Near MeDiscover the benefits of using invisible dental braces. If you want to know more about this type of braces, keep reading.




Many people have difficulty going through dental braces because of its visibility. It makes it uncomfortable for an adult to have braces. The braces are also detrimental to the beauty of your smile. It makes dental devices favourable to both adults and children. It’s because they are hardly noticeable. Nobody can say that you have braces, and for you, that’s just great!




Compared to metal braces, transparent braces are more comfortable. When a patient wants to remove it for a while, to chew food, for example, it can be done quickly. Eating well is not a problem! Metal braces cannot be easily detached, on the other hand. If they need to be repaired, for instance, only a dentist can remove them.


Duration of Treatment


The time it takes for misaligned teeth depends mainly on the type of braces you can get. People who wear metal braces take longer to align their teeth. It could be maintained for at least five years. This is disadvantageous given the discomfort of wearing them. Invisalign works effectively because it takes less time. The treatment with invisible braces will take between one and a half years.


Computerised Treatment Plan


Fitting Invisalign braces is computerised, which improves its accuracy. The dentist must know the extent of misalignment and fashion an invisible brace thus. The braces can straighten the teeth because they are custom-crafted. The use of technology in the manufacturing of Invisalign has made it a much better choice than metal braces.





Metal braces are made of wire, an thus, they are not perfectly made because of the sharp edges. Sharp edges can hurt some delicate components of the mouth, such as the gums. It could even lead to an acute infection. Invisible braces, fitted by orthodontics Adelaide near me, however, have no sharp edges. As a result, your mouth and gums can not be hurt. It makes them safer.


Quality Results


In terms of the quality of results, invisible braces are much better than the metal braces. Success stories shared by Invisalign users are excellent.


Because of its higher performance, Invisalign is more expensive than metal braces. However, the results speak of its worthiness.