Understanding the nature of a disability or condition will help employers, workplace staffs, and service providers to be more aware and supportive of people who are dealing with disabilities. There is a range of short disability courses Adelaide and mental health training programmes available that will help educate people on a variety of disability and mental health issues.


Awareness Courses That Are Supported by the Australian Government

The Australian Government can provide financial assistance to some organizations to have their staff participate in training courses centred on disability and mental health. There is a wide range of course training and programmes available. The following forms of disability training are generally covered under the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF).


Disability Awareness Training – this one is among the short disability courses Adelaide that will help people be supportive when working and communicating with people with disability. In addition, disability awareness training also provides facts, research, and tips when it comes to cooperating in the workplace. For more information, contact one of our Advisers using the hotline number that we provided below this page.


Deaf Awareness Training – this training course gives participants some insights into the lives and needs of people who are deaf or are dealing with hearing impairment. For more information, contact one of our Advisers using the hotline we provided below the page.


Australian Sign Language Training (Auslan) – this type of training helps people learn how to communicate with other people who are deaf or are dealing with hearing impairments. For more information, please contact one of our Advisers using our hotline provided below the page.


Independently Operated Disability Training

Apart from the disability training courses that were just mentioned, other training courses are offered by independent organizations to improve disability and mental health awareness and understanding. They are the following:


  • Mental Health First Aid – this training course provides the knowledge, experience, and skills to provide support to an employee who may have mental health issues or occurring episodes at work.


  • Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work – this training course focuses on integrating people with mental health challenges into any type of work environment.


  • Online Training Modules – these training modules will help you better understand the importance of workplace mental health.


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