If after several sessions with a marriage counsellor or even your church pastor has not resulted in a reconciliation, and you have given up, the next step is that you will likely make an appointment to get legal advice or hire a lawyer from a trusted family law Perth firm. It is a good move toward fairness and justice; however, the best thing that you can do is to put these individual differences aside.


Setting aside the discords that have led to the breakdown of your marriage for the benefit of the child or children is probably the best advice for a divorcing couple regarding custody of the children. Often, children become weapons in the battlefield– a war that has started during marriage and even continue after the divorce. The fact is nobody wins, and the biggest losers could be the kids.


In most cases, having a lawyer on your side from a trusted family law Perth practice is the wisest decision you can make to put your children’s best interest moving forward, as well as yours!


For example, the best way to proceed would be to reach a realistic agreement on childcare that is sustainable in the long term. Addressing issues such as who will be the primary caregiver, year-round visit schedule, child support, school and any other problems that may arise during the child’s life up to the legal age of 18 years old does not change the fact that life has a way changing things as the years go by. So it is best to have everything drawn up legally. It is better to be able to work together to define the conditions with the help of lawyers, but in a collaborative way to propose solutions that best benefit the child.


Legal documents or not, it is essential to remain flexible and patient in the face of problems that may arise in the future and to resolve them in such a way as to move forward in peace without creating any emotional harm to the child.


Primarily, if you have reached a point where living together as spouses are pointless or your differences have become irreconcilable, consider mediation first as an initial step.



Making everything amicable and fair is the way to go in this challenging life stage. From dividing your properties and other assets to alimonies and child support, you can be protected by the law – that is, if you are well-versed in family law! Since you are not likely an expert (otherwise you will not be reading this), the best thing is to seek the help of an attorney for a trusted family law Perth firm.


With the help of a lawyer who comes from a trusted family law Perth firm, you are on your way to having that peace of mind that comes from knowing you have put your kid’s best interest and great future a priority. In keeping with this, hopefully, you and your spouse will be able to keep your cool as you go through life living apart and pursuing separate interests.